Embrace your power to shine with Tumi Matela, BIC Soleil Ambassador

Tumi Matela, a 25-year-old who hails from Centurion, has been selected as one of three members of the BIC Soleil Squad. As a BIC Soleil Brand Ambassadors, Tumi is on a mission to inspire young women to embrace their power to shine, as part of the brand’s Your Shine, Your Way campaign. 

Matela says her purpose is to be a beacon of hope, to inspire change, and encourage young women to redefine and embrace their power. 

The part-time model describes herself as ambitious, confident, easy-going, fun, and hardworking and is delighted to be chosen as a member of the BIC Soleil Squad. “I am so honoured to be given a platform to empower young women in South Africa. I am excited to embrace this journey and I’m confident that it will be a life-changing experience.”

“My main goal is to inspire and empower young girls. I want them to be inspired to be strong, resilient, and confident young women.”

Matela cites that her ability to be fearless in who she is and embracing her story is what makes her truly shine. She also believes the world of pageantry and the ups and downs of life taught her how to embrace who she really is. And of course, Tyra Banks, who she considers her role model. 

“I was always watching Tyra Banks on America’s Next Top Model. The way she always persevered despite so many nay-sayers and became one of the biggest models in the world has always inspired me. I would like to be a role model in how I strive to achieve the things I’m passionate about.”

Women face many challenges

Matela can relate to the many challenges women in South Africa face on a daily basis. “I think South African women face three main challenges including a struggle with identity as social media dictates who we are supposed to be, but not who we really are. South Africa women also suffer from a lack of power and gender-based violence means we often tend to live in fear.” 

She continues that women should not be afraid to be themselves. “As women, we should believe in ourselves because this gives us the ability to be powerful, to be fearless, and to create a force of women who can change the world and have real impact on our communities.”

“Just embrace who you are because you are wonderfully and fearfully made in the image of God, and that’s what will help you boost your confidence.”

Matela also celebrates women supporting women, which she believes is achieved by simply listening to each other. “We find that we’re so quick to judge each other without listening. We as women must come together and really listen to each other, support each other, and embrace each other’s stories. That’s what creates power,” she concludes.


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